persistence of memory by salvador dali.

I want to talk about time. What it is and what we do with it. Why time seems to be on everyones lips. How to explore this gift, this force of nature that we all seem to grapple with, but never win.

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a lecture by Bodil Jönsson, a Swedish physics professor and author of several books on the topic of time. We were invited to suggest topics within the lecture. I asked what her thoughts were on flow. Someone else asked about the fact that as we grow older, we seem to…

There’s a classic scene in the 2008 movie Felon, where Stephen Dorff, just having arrived at prison after defending his house against intruders, meets the stone hard killer cell mate (Val Kilmer) with a clear ultimatum: Fuck or fight?

In society, most of us don’t have to make hard choices like that. And what a relief! But we need to respond to a number of situations and challenges on a daily basis. How do we know what rules to play by, and the possible outcomes? …

I have spent many years in startups. They have been challenging, demanding, and promising. It has not made me rich moneywise. I got something else in terms of valuable life lessons and the kind of personal development that comes with challenging yourself. Here’s a few lessons I learned.

Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

As said by the grandmaster, Bruce Lee, who for all his wisdom and strong spirit, did not make it past his 30's. But he made an impression. I can’t say I have yet, but hey: I…

Muscle, and a smile, for hire.

In the near future, we will all be free agents. Muscle for hire. Mercenaries working for anyone and anything, as long as it pays.

Heck, it does not even have to be paid work. A coupon to a packet of juice is all it takes. One of the startups I co-founded employs “ordinary people” as creators of content around products of their choice. There is no paycheck, only a tiny product sample.

One thing I learned from doing this for 10 years: It is amazing what you can accomplish just by appealing to peer recognition, free time engagement and old-school…

There is a joke among economists that a bunch of scientists from various disciplines is stranded on a deserted island. They have plenty of canned food but no can opener, and so the debate on how to open the cans using various scientific methods proposed by the chemist, the physicist and so on but none of them works out. The economist comes up with the obvious solution to assume we have a can opener. And voilá, problem solved. Everyone happy.

[did he really say that?]

We are taught in society that being human is to be a utility-maximizing me, myself and I with the intent…

This piece is about exploring how we will use programable tools for personal power and success previously unheard of. I think it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Imagine soon being able to have your own small team of super-hero AI agents adapted to your liking and benefit. That’s more than kings and emperors have ever had at any time in history.

What will that do to us, to our character and our possibilities? How will we use that power?

As for me, I would like a super-persistent digital version of Ari Gold (Entourage TV series) to take care of all my gigs…

epic movie; epic truth.

In the epic Back to the future trilogy, the witty teenager gets to travel in time thanks to a ground-breaking invention by the mad scientist. This invention, the “flux capacitator”, is built into the equally epic DeLorean beautiful coupé.

Flux tech allows witty teenager Marty McFly to go back in time, altering the past and thus the future. By doing so, he is also altering himself by adapting his skills to an environment that is changing at atom-level around him. This concept is cool ‘cause it is also the key for the rest of us to stay relevant & future-proof.

original bad-ass.

The human ego is a funny thing. It wants to protect you, so it will prevent you from taking risks. From stepping into the unknown, from challenging the world and yourself. And so it limits you because if you don’t learn from mistakes, you will not grow. And you will turn into someone you may not like. When that happens, you have two options: Accept how things are, grow bitter and then slowly lay down and die, or Refuse to accept and start fighting back.

A while ago I went through one of the worst times in my life and…

I spent the last weekend reading Kevin Kelly’s the Inevitable, or “how the forces of technology will shape the next 30 years for humankind”. I think it is well written, well initiated and interesting. There is also something deeply concerning about this future lookout: Kelly mentions nothing of nature, of the global eco-system, of the global development goals, nothing. The 4,7 billion years old story of earth as a living system has no place in Kelly’s future, only humans alongside tech. It is like we have already stepped out completely of our origins. …

by robert scoble on flickr.

At the age of 49, I had to face it. I am not Elon Musk. There was no way I could do the startup thing and at the same time take care of four little ones. I have been trying for some time, just to realize there is no way I can provide security and stability, while being out there exploring new frontiers. Startups are for kamikaze pilots. And while some may survive (even thrive) most will perish, and without the glory attached.

I know this because I have been an entrepreneur for 20+ years. I have had success and…

Marcus Bergh

Entrepreneur, startup coach and father of five.

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